We are professionals! designers! plumbers! painters! electricians! mechanists! carpenters! tilers!

Utilizing the latest technological advancements along with the upmost professional team to turn services into art and more!

Waterjet Cutting, Engraving & Ornamentation Works

CNC? we have that. Laser Machine? Yes, we have that too. 2D/3D Waterjet Machine? Yup, we have that too. 5D Waterjet Machine? Probably you did not hear of it, but we have it & a stone saw as well!

Wall Paper Fixing

Boring Walls? Dull Views? Wallpapers are the perfect solution for projecting your personality into your daily scenery. Whether at your establishment or home, you always need a change in routine!

Floor & Wall Tiling Works

Considering renovating your space? Looking for a decorative finish? We can do that for you! Tiles, marble, stone masonry, re-grouting & all kind of decorative works are within our field of specialty.

Partitions & False Ceilings Contracting

Redesigning your apartment, office or building has just been revolutionized. Tools that you never heard of, seen or imagined are used to turn your imagination into reality! You dream, we execute!

Plaster and Cladding Works

Plaster and Cladding services for interior or exterior works! We have what it takes to turn anything into art. Oh, and yes, it is as personal as it gets!


Along with our state-of-the-art machines & our sister company IQW, we have the tools, expertise, carpenters and all what it takes to excel in wood working. Commercial, Domestic or Personal...!

Plumbing and Sanitary Contracting

With more than 80 Years of Experience in sanitary, we can safely say that we dominate this aspect! Backed-up by our trading company and factories abroad, we have the tools to be pioneers in the field.

Painting Contracting

Our team is equipped with the best tools for any kind of job! Painting is our thing and we love doing it!


Any type of Electrical or Mechanical Systems Installations & Maintenance. It has wires? It has mechanism? Our team got you covered in installation and maintenance !

HVAC Installation & Maintenance

Offering a simple solution for your residential or commercial property. Taking the upmost care in restoring HVAC Systems back to their original condition using specialized units.

Floor Contracting

Marbles, Parquet, carpets, custom staining, sanding, pickling and any type of floor contracting is possible for us! Whether shiny or matt, dry or wet.
You name it, we do it.

IQS is a Dubai based company that was established in 2015. Providing professional service to our customers across the United Arab Emirates. Services that were developed each at a time and granted enough time to mature enough so that they are perfected. The company was formed whilst depending on technology to back it up. Such technology was translated in our state-of-the-art machines such as Edge-banding, Laser machines, CNC routing machines, Waterjet machine (up to 5D), Pressing machines, PVC machines, Water-fall painting rooms in addition to several advanced technologies that are the core essence of our professional work. All machines that we use are also being distributed by our mother company "Conobio". It is to that extent why we trust what they are selling! Accordingly, having the right combination of experienced staff along with technological innovations allowed us to perform our work faster, better and in a more efficient and professional way that sometime a human-hand would not be able to perfect while reducing our cost to the minimum. Our clients are able to enjoy world-class services at a highly competitive rate. We are simply pioneers in our domain and we brag about it!

Our core organizational values are simple: Knowledge, Planning, Persistence, Perfection, Implementation, Integrity and Customer Satisfaction! Straight to the point!

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